Jett music foundation


Addiction is a disease of the mind and John Logan said "Music is the medicine of the mind". 


Music has helped me in some of my darkest times. It is the gateway to my soul. Music can evoke emotion so deep in any individual. It can make you laugh, smile, cry or love. It does not have social or economic boundaries. For me music is not only my passion but therapy. As an individual who struggled for years with addiction I worked hard to get clean and music is one of the biggest things that helped me through. I realized that I could get the same feeling, no, actually a far greater, euphoric feeling through music. I no longer needed drugs. Music is my drug. I have had so much support, not only getting clean, but with my music. I want people to see that you have other outlets. Part of the disease of addiction is obsessive behavior. But when you learn to replace the negative behavior with something positive you can get the same effect but with a far more rewarding outcome. 

The Jett Music Foundation will encompass music, recovery, awareness and education. It's therapy for the addicts soul and education on addiction to try and stop the growing epidemic. Aside from teaching how to play instruments we will offer speaking engagements and youth programs to raise awareness. We hope to continue to branch out offering funds for rehab, 3/4 houses and teaching life skills to those learning how to live past addiction. 

Keep stopping back for upcoming events and information regarding the foundation!